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What is an Eco-School? 

  • An Eco-School is an international school model that works towards taking learning beyond the classroom, developing an attitude of and commitment to environmental responsibility within both the school and also the community. Using a set method (“the seven steps”), students, teachers and non-teaching staff work together with the wider community to turn the school into a sustainable center while conducting themselves in line with the global “Sustainable Development Goals”.

  • The Eco-Schools program began in 1994, as part of the 5 environmental programs overseen by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Currently, the program is running in over 62 countries, impacting the lives of more than 11 million students in 49,000 schools around the world.

  • The program’s greatest benefit is that it has the opportunity to create generations of people that look to live sustainably, aware of their surroundings and respecting their environment. Through this program, individuals will replicate this behavior in every aspect of their lives, while participants will be given the tools that allow them to see that it is possible to make a difference one step at a time.

  • OPAS established the Eco-Schools program in 2006 and since then has succeeded in registering more than 50 schools in both the public as well as private education system. As of today, 47 are enrolled. Schools that meet the set criteria receive the internationally recognized “green flag” and must strive to retain their award every year.

Our Mission 


To help the country’s public and private schools to foster a culture of sustainability that effects a change in the behavior of children, young people and adults in the school community in order to promote good environmental habits and form responsible citizens that spread their knowledge to their homes and their community.


Contact us at:

Vida Mercado,

Coordinadora Educativa

787-230-7802 ext.2

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