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"The progress of our island will depend on whether out students are well educated" - OPAS

Eco-Schools is an international program that helps schools to integrate sustainability and environmental education into their educational and management models, thus changing attitudes among society. By means of a seven-step program, it takes learning beyond the classroom, spreading knowledge and attitudes of social and environmental responsibility among its participants. It shows children and young people how to identify, analyze and solve environmental and social problems in order to promote sustainable development in their school, community and country.

With the help of this program, children and young people acquire new knowledge and develop their leadership skills as they take individual decisions and actions on a daily basis in their schools. Each student’s immediate family also sees the benefits of the education and training that the student receives and shares. The execution of the methodology also motivates them to win the award for their school and earn the prestige that comes with receiving the “Green Flag”.


Eco Schools is a program that:

  • Combines practical experiences with learning.

  • Develops a sense of responsibility among students and school staff.

  • Involves students in socio-environmental matters.

  • Strengthens teachers’ skills in eco-pedagogy.

  • Enables schools to become sustainable.

  • Includes the local community.

EJ4Climate Grant:  Resilient Schools Consortium (RiSC)

Recientemente, la Comisión para la Cooperación Ambiental nos otorgó la subvención EJ4Climate para adaptar un currículo en cambio climático y resliencia en las escuelas provisto por la Federación de Vida Silvestre.  Dos Eco Escuelas de Loiza, Jesusa Vizcarrondo y Belén Blanco, serán parte de este proceso en el cual se crearán capacidades para identificar riesgos y desarrollar resiliencia y adaptación a riesgos ambientales.

Ayúdanos a llegar a más escuelas!


Contáctanos a:

Sra. Angela Ferrá


787-230-7802 ext.2

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Resilient Eco-Schools PR/ Hilary Clinton Foundation

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