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Resilient Eco-Schools PR

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After the earthquake that occurred on January 7, 2020, OPAS joins our people in the difficult times they face. Thanks to all the donations, we were able to assist affected communities, including the communities near our Eco-Schools in the southern part of the island. Together we were able to help many families in need and prepared our young people as future leaders in the face of possible new disasters. We thank all the people who gave their donations to help this emergency and we seek to continue impacting the island through our environmental protection programs.


Huracaine Relief Puerto Rico

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Disaster Relief

After the passage of hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017 through Puerto Rico, the storms caused massive damage that affected the daily lives of all residents. Faced with the lack of electrical service, drinking water, food and medical services, our organization took on the task of assisting the victims of the disaster. Thanks to the donations received, we were able to impact several of the affected communities with filters for drinking water, cisterns, solar lights, the delivery of hygiene, and basic necessities and even the restoration of school gardens.

Creation of Resilient Schools and Clinton Foundation Awards

Based on this, our initiative "Resilient Eco-Schools PR" was born: through planning, education, and training of students in our Eco-Schools, they will become, together with teachers, resilient community leaders to provide sustainable measures in an effort to ensure effective coordination during a disaster response. In June 2019, our project was chosen by Clinton Foundation CGI as one of the initiatives for the recovery of our island.

If you want to learn more about the Resilient Schools program, do not hesitate to contact us here
OPAS Clinton Foundation

Award given by the Clinton Foundation CGI in 2019.

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