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17th Season in Puerto Rico


What is Blue Flag?

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International award given to beaches, marinas and tourist boats that comply with sustainable operations and protection of the environment.


Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), under its Blue Flag International program, awards the award annually. The winners are periodically inspected to safeguard compliance with the established requirements. These increasingly demanding criteria include safety, cleanliness, quality operation, and education.


In 2005 Blue Flag arrived in Puerto Rico in compliance with the public policy established by Law 173 of 2000, as amended, "Program for the Promotion, Protection and Conservation of the Beaches of Puerto Rico Applicants to the Blue Flag." Thanks to the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and the administration of OPAS, Blue Flag has achieved that better beach management, conservation, environmental education and sustainability are promoted in our beautiful beaches.  


How can I be a candidate for next season? Get your orientation appointment today.

Please write to us at or call (787)230-7802



Categories to fulfill to obtain the award

  • Water quality


  • Security and services to the public


Know our criteria by clicking here

  • Quality operation and environmental management


  • Environmental education

Award-winning Beaches, Marinas and Boats

Season 2020-2021 *

* Starts Nov 1st



       ( new winner)

  • El Escambrón Spa, San Juan

  • Puerto Nuevo Spa, Vega Baja

Sustainable Tourist Vessels (SBTO)



Blue Flag in the World

The Blue Flag Program, what we stand for

Education -

Central to the ideals of the Blue Flag program is the aim of connecting the public with their surroundings and encouraging them to learn more about their environment.

Information -

Informing visitors about the site they are visiting is an essential part of the Blue Flag program. This allows people to easily navigate the area and to learn a little more about the indigenous flora and fauna.

Monitoring -

Stringent criteria and regular spot checks help to encourage compliance of Blue Flag sites, which are also subject to comprehensive control visits

Management -

Appropriate local organizations are selected to implement and enforce the necessary criteria with a view to ensuring a consistency of the standards which make the Blue Flag award so trustworthy and valuable.


Owners / operators of Blue Flag sites must agree to ensure that safety measures are in place at all times, so that the staff, public and the environment remain safe.


Important Note: When owners / operators of beaches, marinas and boats are awarded the right to display the Blue Flag, it is because they have satisfied FEE that they complied at the time of award with a number of stringent environmental, educational, safety and accessibility criteria. Following the award, the owners / operators accept full responsibility to ensure continued compliance with all of these criteria. While FEE may carry out checks of sites from time to time, neither FEE, nor any of its officers, members, or jury members accept any responsibility to any person in the event of any noncompliance.

Did you know?


We are the first country on the continent American and the Caribbean that has certified a beach in a R eserve Natural. We did it on two occasions, Playa Pelícano in the Caja de Muertos Nature Reserve and Playita Rosada in the Lajas Nature Reserve.

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